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Converting Women

With the emergence of Hindu nationalism, the conversion of Indians to Christianity has become a volatile issue, erupting in violence against converts and missionaries. At the height of British colonia

ISBN10 : 0190290048 , ISBN13 : 9780190290047

Page Number : 336

God Of Justice

In God of Justice, anthropologist William S. Sax offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of cursing, black magic, and ritual healing in the Central Himalayas of North India. Based on ten years' et

ISBN10 : 0199714673 , ISBN13 : 9780199714674

Page Number : 298

God S Gateway

A celebrated Hindu pilgrimage site, Hardwar lies on the river Ganges at the edge of the Himalayas. Its identity as a holy place is inextricably tied to the mythology and reality of the Ganges, and tra

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People Trees

This is a book about religious conceptions of trees within the cultural world of tree worship at the tree shrines of northern India. Sacred trees have been worshipped for millennia in India and today

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Page Number : 239